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OLIVAE (and its soaps) was born literally from the hands of Elza Neto (biologist) and Carla (zootechnical engineer), and their will to contribute to the development of high quality local resources existing in Portugal, especially in the Alentejo region, where they live.


The origin of this project dates back to 2011, with the idea of taking advantage of the properties of olive leaf, which contains oleuropein, amongst other phenols, with proven health benefits, namely antimicrobial and antioxidant action. At that time, the first soaps were produced with olive oil and grinded olive leaf. Chemical analyses carried out revealed, however, that the oleuropein disappears during the manufacturing process used.


The original idea was abandoned, but in the meantime it was decided to explore other local products to put to use the acquired knowledge about soap making. In this search, it came about the Serpentina goat milk and the research on the use of goat milk in soaps, which was found to have proven benefits to the skin. Given the values that underlie OLIVAE-contribute to environmental sustainability and local economies-the Serpentina goat milk was the obvious choice. This indigenous  breed has the greatest expression in the Alentejo region and, perhaps, it is the most characteristic of its landscapes, although it is currently at risk of extinction.


Two and a half years after he started the experimental development, on October 15th 2013, PLANETALFAZEMA Lda was created with the aim to produce and market handmade soaps under the brand name OLIVAE.


For 2014 it is intended to strengthen the network of partners for commercialization in the Portuguese market, but also take the first steps in the internationalization of the company.

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