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With the care of the artisanal methods, OLIVAE uses the finest virgin olive oil, serpentina goat milk, beeswax and organic essential oils to produce natural soaps, which ensure a deep cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. Simultaneously, it favors the use of indigenous raw materials, in order to contribute to the valorization of natural resources and local businesses.


OLIVAE makes a unique SOAP, produced with the simplicity of the artisanal know-how. The saponification process of OLIVAE soaps consist solely at the junction of fatty acids (olive oil) to the alkali elements (sodium hydroxide), an ancestral knowledge attributed to Arabs in the XIII century..


The ingredients used are of the highest quality and carefully selected in order to contribute to the promotion of local economies and the sustainability of the resources used. These principles are ensured by focusing on the establishment of partnerships with local producers for the supply of the necessary raw materials. Examples of these partnerships are the collaboration established with the Cooperativa Agrícola de Portel (Portel Agriculture Cooperative) and the Associação Portuguesa de Caprinicultores da Raça Serpentina (Serpentina Goat Breeders Association).



Virgin olive oil, serpentina goat milk, a breed indigenous to Portugal, and beeswax are obtained from farms located in the South of Portugal. These farms are exploited in traditional ways and according to environmentally friendly practices.


Organic essential oils, which give the various aromas to OLIVAE soaps, also come from producers with high quality standards. The essential oils are produced by water steam distillation of species of plants from the Portuguese flora. No chemical substances are used to aromatize the OLIVAE soaps.

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